Top 5 Reasons to Date your Best Friend

5 Great Reasons to Date

Dating can really end up being a weird experience if you do not choose the right person. In most cases, people date just to find if the person will suit to be his or her partner. They try to know more about each other, and if the first date works well, they meet up the next time. But have you ever wondered how it would be to date your best friend? Yeah, dating your best friend can actually work. So here are the top 5 reasons as to why you should date your best friend.

Reasons to date your best friend:

It is not probably a date, at least the first:

Yes, when you date your best friend that is not probably the first time you are meeting the person. You already know about the person, and you have shared almost all your stories, so you need not have to fake up or try to impress that person. Dating your best friend can be quite nervous, but that is one place where the chances are high that you find your soul mate. Since this isn’t the first time, you are meeting him the meeting can go really well.

No room for being judgmental:

Unlike, the other dating cases, where being your real self can make the person judge you, there is no room for being judgemental with your friend. You can be the way you want, you can dress the way you want, and you need have to do anything to impress the person. The person has already accepted you for who you are, and you need not have to be conscious. The person already knows what you are bad at so you need not have to feel bad about it.

Similar tastes:

What people look for in most dates is the similarity in thoughts and their favorites falling in the same line. The type of books that you read, the kind of music you listen to, the TV shows you watch, the places you love and much more are already the same, and thereby you need not have to try matching it. You can simply get to the point, and the person knows what you mean.

Knows all your break-ups:

Unlike the tensed up feeling that you get when you are dating an unknown person, you are free to say anything to your friend. It always takes a lot to share the stories of your past relationships with an unknown person. But when you date your best friend, the person is already aware of your patch-ups and break-ups in the past, and you need not have to feel awkward or guilty.

Your families are close:

When you date your best friend in most cases, your families already know each other, and they can be supportive as well. Since you already know the person’s family well there need not be any formal introductory meetings and Q&A session that might otherwise kill you. So in case if you already like each other. It can successfully end in wedding bells chiming.